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Vision Correction

Yin Eyecare in Overland Park provides treatment, consultation and referrals for these common vision correction surgeries and procedures.

Vision correction is a general term used to describe a variety of optometric techniques for correcting less-than-perfect vision. For your convenience, we have included a brief description of some of the most common vision correction procedures offered at Yin Eyecare in Overland Park. For more specific information about lenses and frames or contacts, please visit their respective pages.


LASIK (Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) is a surgical procedure that uses a laser beam to reshape the cornea. Patients who are nearsighted or astigmatic may benefit from this type of procedure.

While millions of patients have seen successful results from LASIK, the procedure is not right for everyone. Your optometrist will need to thoroughly examine your eyes to determine which type of vision correction best fits your needs.

Other surgical procedures such as LASEK (Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis) and clear lens exchange are sometimes a good option if your prescription is too high to correct with LASIK.

At Yin Eyecare we can help you decide if you are a good candidate for refractive surgery and which procedure and surgeon is a good choice for you. Schedule an appointment with Cynthia Yin, O.D.

Prevention of Increasing Myopia (Nearsightedness) in Children

New studies show that up to 80% of myopic or nearsighted children have much fewer increases in myopia if they wear multifocal soft contact lenses.  If your child develops myopia before teenage years, chances are good that s/he will likely need a stronger prescription each year as her/his eyes grow.  Dr. Yin has successfully fit children as young as age 6 with multifocal soft contact lenses.  If you’re interested in trying to keep your child in a lower prescription over time and you can help your child handle the contact lenses, schedule an appointment with Dr. Yin.