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Soft Contact Lens Insertion & Removal

When you come to Yin Eyecare for contact lenses, we’ll teach you how to put in and take out your contact lenses. We’ll have you practice in the office to be sure that you’re comfortable with this process before you leave.

If you’re having difficulty or have forgotten some of the directions, here’s a helpful video on how to insert and remove soft contact lenses.

If you’re wearing reusable contact lenses and you’re not due to discard your lenses yet, after removal you’ll need to put the lens in the palm of your hand, put a couple of drops of the contact lens solution that we recommended for you on the lens, and rub in a back and forth motion for 15 seconds. Then rinse the lens with your solution and put it in your contact lens case covered with plenty of solution. Your multipurpose solution is designed to kill bacteria and also keep your lenses moist until you’re ready to wear them the next day. Don’t use water, saliva or saline on your contacts or you’ll risk an eye infection.

All soft contacts gradually get a build-up of clear film on the lens from the mucous and proteins in your tears. This film will slowly decrease your comfort and also decrease the amount of oxygen that gets to your eyes through the contacts. To prevent health problems, red eyes and discomfort, be sure to throw away your contacts on the schedule that we recommended for you.

For more information please schedule an appointment with Cynthia Yin, O.D.!